BLACKPINK, Rose Lisa Jisoo and Jennie (Drawing Pictures)

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Judging from the exquisiteness of the illustrations, it seems like nothing very special. But take a closer look at her combination, it is very suitable for girls to study!

The Pictures of BlackPink members drew by Fans.

Here are some pictures drawn by BLACKPINK fans. These painting are really amazing​ and so beautiful.​​ The paintings she drew are really admirable. (@lemur.luka and @IntaSirin)

First Drawing Picture of BlackPink

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Do you know who this is? This painting has a very beautiful pink color. The picture that came out was very real, both the eyes and the sitting position. Not only that, they way she look at the Camera is so cute as well as the real picture. It is very interesting.

The second picture of BlackPink

Is there anyone who does not yet know Lisa? Haha, this picture is very similar to her real picture. The white dress is also very attractive to her appearance. I really like Lisa, do you like her?

Third picture of BlackPink

Do you know who this picture is? If you are a BlackPink fan, you know her well. Is her black suit pretty? She is very beautiful.

Fourth image of BlackPink

Lisa is one of the most famous dancers in the world. Her dancing is lovely, lively and attractive. Do you like Lisa’s dance? This painting is really like the performance of the picture, really beautiful and lovely.

Fifth picture of BlackPink

She is one of the four members of BlackPink. Do you know her? I really like her makeup and fashion.

Sixth image of BlackPink

WOW, the picture of her painting is really admirable, the color came out is really like a beautiful, very cute picture. I really like this picture. I really want to grab her and hug her. You also think she is very cute, right?

Seventh image of BlackPink

Her fashion is really beautiful. Her appearance is very suitable for a really good dancer. The tiny shape is cute. I like her color and hairstyle. Who are her fans?

Eighth picture of BlackPink

Haha, I really like Lisa’s hairstyle in this picture. She is really cute.

More pictures of BlackPink

Below are some more pictures of the BlackPink team. Which member of BlackPink do you like best? Which picture do you like best? The illustrations of these BlackPink groups are very good.

If you like her painting and you want to follow her you can go with these links to her social media IG and Twitter accounts : Lemur Luka, Sirin_inta

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